Certifications & Eco Labels for Seafood

Seafood certifications are designed to help end-buyers have more transparency into the quality and sustainability of their seafood. While these seafood eco-labels fall well short of providing the full sustainability picture, they do provide some valuable information to consumers about the products available to them and can help them choose more sustainable alternatives. … Read More


GFSI: How Businesses Maintain Food Quality in 2021

With the spread of COVID-19, every aspect of life has been affected and many re-examined. One of the most concerning things beyond the virus itself was the ability to adapt systems of production. Shortages of supplies, particularly hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies such as Lysol, lasted for a long time.… Read More


Protections for Consumers: Food Processing Standards & Certifications

The Safe Quality Food certification is in place to help protect consumers. Here’s what it is and how it works.

From the very beginning of the food supply chain to the end, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) program certifications make sure products make it into consumer hands safely.… Read More


An Eco Friendly Hobby: Wood Carving

If you’re looking for an eco friendly hobby, consider wood carving.

This article will walk you through the basics so you can see if this hobby might be right for you.

What is wood carving?

Wood carving is the process of cutting or carving wood into an ornamental object or art piece with a sharp metal tool.… Read More


No Place is Safe from Plastic

It seems we are hearing about plastic a lot these days. The environmental impact of disposable bags, the nearly 20 billion pounds of plastic entering our oceans each year, the rising amount of sea life whose lives are endangered from plastic – The list goes on and on.… Read More


Our Plastic Oceans

In the late 1980’s, large islands of floating trash seen by satellites were reported in the global news. Swirls of trash concentrated by the movement of the oceans’ gyres gave another hint to the then naïve public that our planet is finite after all. The world population—as of early 2018—is estimated at 7.6 billion; all contributing waste and debris to some extent.Read More


Bans, Taxes, and Fees: The Politics of Plastic Bags

It has become common practice around the world to use disposable plastic bags to assist us in our every day lives. Out of mere convenience and utility, the plastic bag has become a go-to resource for in-store purchases, big or small.

However, in light of current of research pointing to the environmental impacts of plastic bags, many cities, states, and countries have sought to change this through regulation and legislation.… Read More


The Environment This Week – September 17-24

The major trend from this week’s environmental news is no new trend at all. Those who are most effected by climate change are the smallest contributors to it. Those who are the biggest contributors are being asked to pony up, but as we already know, most of them will be getting off scot free.… Read More


Trump Pulls Out of Paris Agreement… The World Reacts

This week Trump announced that the US would be pulling out of the Paris Agreement… and some of the most influential people immediately responded. Here’s what they had to say:

Elon Musk

After staying on as Trump’s council despite their differences in opinion, Elon Musk has now stepped down.… Read More


Weekly Eco Summary: New High Score!

Feb 12 – 19

The Environment: Last week in short:

Last week researches published a study stating that we are changing the climate 170 times faster than natural forces. An unprecedented heatwave in Australia may be a hint of the extreme weather trends we can expect moving forward… and air pollution has become so bad in some cities that he health benefits of exercising outdoors are trumped by the negative impact of the pollution.… Read More