GFSI: How Businesses Maintain Food Quality in 2021

With the spread of COVID-19, every aspect of life has been affected and many re-examined. One of the most concerning things beyond the virus itself was the ability to adapt systems of production. Shortages of supplies, particularly hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies such as Lysol, lasted for a long time.… Read More


The Environment This Week – September 17-24

The major trend from this week’s environmental news is no new trend at all. Those who are most effected by climate change are the smallest contributors to it. Those who are the biggest contributors are being asked to pony up, but as we already know, most of them will be getting off scot free.… Read More


Weekly Eco Summary: New High Score!

Feb 12 – 19

The Environment: Last week in short:

Last week researches published a study stating that we are changing the climate 170 times faster than natural forces. An unprecedented heatwave in Australia may be a hint of the extreme weather trends we can expect moving forward… and air pollution has become so bad in some cities that he health benefits of exercising outdoors are trumped by the negative impact of the pollution.… Read More


Trump Dominates The Environment : Weekly Eco Summary

Sooo yaaa….

It looks like this might actually be as bad (or worse) than we thought.

Weekly Summary

Last week was dominated by Trump who got right to work at reversing as much environmental progress as possible. Trump issued an executive order to approve the DAPL and multiple republicans have introduced bills proposing to strip or completely eliminate the EPA.… Read More