10 Most Popular Stories About Global Warming

It’s been yet another unprecedented year for our Earth and if you’ve been keeping up with climate change news, you’re probably ready to get off the rollercoaster. One day it’s doom and gloom, the next it’s a tech piece about a breakthrough that will solve all of our problems.… Read More


How Money Can Buy Happiness

If you think money can’t buy happiness, you’re not spending it right…

In this TEDx Michael Norton explains his fascinating research on how spending affects our happiness. We’ve all heard it before “Money can’t buy happiness”, but this research reveals a different answer… and it doesn’t take as much as you might think.… Read More


Essential Documentaries for Conscious Consumers

Education for the conscious

The hardest part about being a conscious consumer is staying informed. While brands may change their environmental stance, social movements will rise and fall in popularity, and governments will sludge along, the core motivations behind my purchasing decisions remain the same. I configure my daily habits to support the change I want to see in the world.… Read More


How College Loans Exploit Students

Have we put college degrees on a pedestal?

We are becoming ever more conscious about the products we consume and the companies we support. It might be time we do the same for higher education.

When I graduated high school in 2007 skipping college would have been unfathomable.… Read More


Food Waste in America – The Facts

The facts about our food…

Last Week Tonight does a great job of bringing us the news in an engaging and amusing fashion. It’s one of my favorite ways to digest news and learn about absurd situations we, as Americans, have found ourselves in. The Food Waste episode was particularly jaw dropping so I’ve revisited it and brought you the highlights.… Read More


Study Reports: BPA Found in 2/3 of Canned Goods

New Study Reveals BPA in 2/3 of Canned Goods

A research study testing 192 canned goods revealed that 67% of the cans tested contained BPA-based epoxy in the in the body and/or lid. The negative health effects of BPA have been a public concern for a long time, but there is very little transparency around the presence of BPA in packaging.… Read More