The Real Story On Gum + Eco-Friendly Alternatives

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The Sustainability of Chewing Gum – Overview

Your 30 Second Summary

Facts About Gum:

  • Gum’s not a modern invention
    • The Mayans chewed chicle, the sap from the sapodilla tree
    • The Greeks chewed mastiche, from the resin of the mastic tree
  • Gum is the biggest litter issue after cigarette butts
  • The main ingredient in modern gum is polyisobutylene, a synthetic rubber derived from crude oil
  • Goodyear -yes the tire company- is the main manufacturer of gum’s base ingredients
  • Worldwide people chew around 560,000 tons of gum each year
  • London spends £10 million per year cleaning up chewing gum

Sustainable Gum

Chicza is 100% natural and organically certified; it’s also sustainably harvested from the chicozapote tree in the Mayan forest and produced by a consortium of cooperatives under a fair trade scheme.… Read More


CITRUS House – Training Ground for Sustainable Urban Living

Sustainability Education Off Campus at Santa Clara University

Guest Post by: Blair Libby

In the neighborhoods surrounding colleges and universities, a growing number of houses are dedicating themselves to environmentally-conscious and sustainable living. At CITRUS (Community Initiative To Restore Urban Sustainability) House, students from Santa Clara University are practicing a cooperative and eco-friendly lifestyle.… Read More