Digesting The Gluten-Free Craze

Let’s clarify a few things…

I never quite understood the gluten-free craze, but now that I’ve taken the time to research it I’d like to share what I found.

My gut has always told me something ain’t right with the way many have been treating gluten lately, but maybe I’ve been one-sided because I like to have bread on my sandwich, toast with my jam, and pasta in my… pasta.… Read More


10 Most Popular Stories About Global Warming

It’s been yet another unprecedented year for our Earth and if you’ve been keeping up with climate change news, you’re probably ready to get off the rollercoaster. One day it’s doom and gloom, the next it’s a tech piece about a breakthrough that will solve all of our problems.… Read More


How Virtual Reality Might Save Reality

Virtual reality is here and it’s posed to be one of our greatest conservation tools.

What used to fuel sci-fi imagination can now be experienced in the comfort of your home. Tech is developing faster than most of us can keep up with and the possibilities for its applications are endless.… Read More


The Overview Effect

The ultimate educational experience…

The overview effect is an important concept for environmental education because it represents an unmatched shift in awareness. In our daily lives it’s difficult for us to comprehend the impact humans have on the earth, but when we see the big picture we gain a clearer sense of reality and take responsibility for our actions.… Read More