The Overview Effect

The ultimate educational experience…

The overview effect is an important concept for environmental education because it represents an unmatched shift in awareness. In our daily lives it’s difficult for us to comprehend the impact humans have on the earth, but when we see the big picture we gain a clearer sense of reality and take responsibility for our actions.


More about the Overview Effect from Wikipedia:

The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from orbit or from the lunar surface.

It refers to the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life, “hanging in the void”, shielded and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere. From space, national boundaries vanish, the conflicts that divide people become less important, and the need to create a planetary society with the united will to protect this “pale blue dot” becomes both obvious and imperative.



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