Essential Documentaries for Conscious Consumers

Education for the conscious

The hardest part about being a conscious consumer is staying informed. While brands may change their environmental stance, social movements will rise and fall in popularity, and governments will sludge along, the core motivations behind my purchasing decisions remain the same. I configure my daily habits to support the change I want to see in the world.… Read More


Consciously Consuming Media

Give your attention to the good stuff…

Voting with our wallets is great, but there’s more. We have the power to do good and change the world in almost everything we do. Beyond the physical things we consume, we should also be conscious of the digital media we consume.… Read More


Why I Say No To Swag

I feel like a living billboard and no one is paying me…

Commonly referred to as swag, promotional products have infiltrated my life. Companies seem to love printing their logo on generic products like pens, cell phone accessories, koozies, hats, bags, thumb drives… you name it.… Read More


Drinking Responsibly – The Sustainability of Craft Beer

Barley, Yeast, Hops, Beards, Independent, Local, Handcrafted, … Sustainability?

Along with all the other great qualities of craft breweries, social responsibility and environmental stewardship seems to be ingrained in the culture too. Craft breweries are appearing on every corner and we can’t get enough. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…BAM!…Read More


Ecolabelling – Know Your Environmental & Social Product Labels

Do You Look for These Eco Labels While Shopping?

Do you know what they mean…

About Eco Labels

Ecolabelling refers to the small seals usually found around the edges of products that denote product attributes such as certified organic, fair trade, or cruelty free.  These eco labels are a form of sustainability measurement that help consumers make decisions while shopping.… Read More