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Do you get fired up when you find a new brand that shares your values?

High quality ingredients, recycled packaging, AND 10% of profits go back into the community? Count. me. in.

But for how awesome these up and coming brands are, why are they so damn hard to find?… Read More


Cobalt: The Conflict Material Fueling Tech

Cobalt Has Made Cell Phones, Tablets, and Electric Vehicles Possible – But At What Cost?

Your 1min Summary:

Cobalt is a mineral used to build rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are fueling the future. They have replaced conventional lead-acid batteries, making them more efficient so our devices can be smaller.… Read More


A Light At The End of The Black Friday Tunnel

REI’s #OptOutside – A Breath of Fresh Air

I’m pretty sure the holidays were meant to be a time for us to give thanks and spend time with our families, but I’m not convinced. Lately it seems like Christmas is an excuse to shop and Thanksgiving is a pregame meal for Black Friday.… Read More


Recycling The New Yogurt Containers

Recycling the new school yogurt container

In a hurry?… Post Summary:

New yogurt containers use a paper cardboard shell

The cardboard shell provides support for a container that uses less plastic

How to recycle the new container:

  • Remove the outside and recycle the label where you normally recycle papers
  • Check the ♻ symbol for a the number: #5 plastics might need to taken to a separate recycling center depending on where you live (resource included at end of post)

Full Post:

Same great taste… new package!

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How I Found Ethically Made, Custom Shoes

Overcoming one-size-fits-all…

It seems like we have so many choices today, but the more I look the more I find the same low-quality cookie cutter shoes, the same starchy shirts, and the same pair of artificially worn jeans. In a race for returns, companies have ramped up and outsourced production leaving many of us with full closets, yet nothing to wear.… Read More


Guide To The Most Eco-Friendly & Ethical Sunglasses

prch Guide: Eco-Friendly & Ethical Sunglasses

Look good, do good, feel good…

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There are two main ways sunglasses are becoming sustainable. 1. By being socially conscious 2. By being environmentally conscious.

Eco-friendly sunglasses decrease your environmental impact and are pretty cool… but if you’re looking to do the most good with your purchase, choosing a highly ethical brand will have a bigger impact.… Read More


Sunglasses: One Company Owns The Entire Industry

The variety of sunglasses we see in stores, from sportswear to designer… is all an illusion.

The truth: One $9B company owns almost the entire industry.

Luxottica makes around 75 million pairs of glasses each year, designing and manufacturing brands like Prada, Tiffany & Co, Coach, Versace, Ray Ban, Oakley… the list goes on.… Read More


Why We Need To Rethink Capitalism

Just Index – Another resource for conscious consumers

One of the hardest parts of being a conscious consumer is knowing which companies to support. Luckily, new resources like the Just Index are coming to our aid.

Paul Tudor Jones is the founder of the Just Index, a nonprofit that ranks the ethics of corporations in the US based on criteria chosen by US citizens.… Read More


Project JUST is Changing The Way We Shop

Post by: prch

Project JUST is a non profit that offers a great tool for conscious consumers. Their brand guide is a wonderful resource that makes shopping ethically easier and less stressful.  They offer pros and cons for each brand (currently 75 listed) along with info on the following categories:

  • Size & Business Model
  • Transparency
  • Labor Conditions
  • Environment
  • Intention
  • Community
  • Management
  • Innovation

Overview of Project JUST:

Project JUST is building a community to help shoppers learn the stories behind their clothes.Read More