Project JUST is Changing The Way We Shop

Post by: prch

Project JUST is a non profit that offers a great tool for conscious consumers. Their brand guide is a wonderful resource that makes shopping ethically easier and less stressful.  They offer pros and cons for each brand (currently 75 listed) along with info on the following categories:

  • Size & Business Model
  • Transparency
  • Labor Conditions
  • Environment
  • Intention
  • Community
  • Management
  • Innovation

Overview of Project JUST:

Project JUST is building a community to help shoppers learn the stories behind their clothes. Their online platform features brand profiles researched by ethical, social, and environmental factors and a magazine of features including shopper profiles, neighborhood guides and styling posts to help shoppers put their values into action. They are committed to fostering transparency in the industry, and to growing a community of shoppers, journalists, brands and retailers who can positively exercise their knowledge, ultimately, championing the farmer or worker at the bottom of the supply chain.

To Support Project JUST:

Project JUST is working to expand their guide of brands and have started a crowdfunding campaign to add another 100 brands. If you’d like to support them, visit the Project JUST Indiegogo campaign page.



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