The Ethos Deal

Save Time. Save Money. Discover Awesome Brands.

Do you get fired up when you find a new brand that shares your values?

High quality ingredients, recycled packaging, AND 10% of profits go back into the community? Count. me. in.

But for how awesome these up and coming brands are, why are they so damn hard to find?

One reason is cause¬†they’re small. They don’t have the resources to compete with billion dollar corporations with huge marketing budgets, so they often rely on word of mouth to gain exposure.

It’s unfortunate, because conscious consumers are ready to support new ethical businesses but connecting the two isn’t easy right now.

One more thing – quality costs more money. Even though we want to support responsible companies, it can be difficult to justify when you’re on a tight budget.

Good News: The Ethos Deal is closing the gap.

Now you can sit back, discovery new conscious brands, and save money. When you join the Ethos Deal mailing list, you’ll get coupons and discounts for ethical brands in your inbox.

It’s that easy.

Head on over and check it out for yourself:



I am a minimalist, environmentalist, and conscious consumer with a background in environmental studies, conservation, and tech. I founded prch to help others be more sustainable and realize an alternative to consumerism.