Conscious Consumer Index – Social Responsibility Survey Infographic

Overall, the growth in social enterprise continues, but slowly.

I’m a bit surprised to find out that the conscious consumer movement is not growing faster. I expected a more significant increase since younger generations are becoming more active and environmental and social issues have seen more coverage in the media. I was especially shocked to see that almost 1/3 of the respondents could not name a socially responsible company!

It’s clear that knowledge is the leading reason why consumers fail to shop responsibly – 46% of respondents stated that not knowing where to find socially responsible products and services prevented them from doing more good!

As with all movements, education is key.

About The CCSIndex Survey

The Conscious Consumer Spending Index (CCSIndex) is an ongoing study that tracks trends among charitable giving and conscious consumerism. The survey is conducted by Good.Must.Grow, a socially responsible marketing agency that provides strategic marketing support for socially responsible businesses, nonprofit causes, and organizations that are focused on health and wellness. The CCSIndex Survey tracks trends such as the importance consumers place on purchasing from socially responsible companies and intent to purchase products from responsible organizations.

This infographic displays the highlights of their third annual survey from 2015.


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I am a minimalist, environmentalist, and conscious consumer with a background in environmental studies, conservation, and tech. I founded prch to help others be more sustainable and realize an alternative to consumerism.