Reality Checkin

Inspiration for turning off the grind…

We know it’s not the material things, but the relationships and experiences we have that make us happy (it’s science), yet we still desire the latest iPhone and a better car.

We may watch an amazing TED Talk on happiness and vow to change our minds, only to find ourselves day dreaming of material stuff only days later.

As a minimalist and environmentalist I frequently remind myself what truly matters to me by surrounding myself with good books, getting outdoors regularly, listening to interesting podcasts, and connecting with like-minded people; even so, I still find myself getting caught up in the rat race from time to time and it’s quotes like these that help ground me.

If you’re on the wheel now, I hope this quote I will help ground you for a bit, until you find your next inspiration.

“Among the goals so many of us pursue so relentlessly are wealth, success and fame. In our culture there is a mistique about being rich. We divide people into the “haves” and “have-nots.” We believe the rich are privileged in that they have the means to fulfill their desires and therefore to realize themselves. Unfortunately for many people it doesn’t work out that way. The rich, as well as the poor, get depressed. No amount of money can provide the inner satisfactions that alone make life worth living. In most cases the drive to gain wealth diverts energy from activities that are more creative and self-expressive, resulting in an impoverishment of the spirit.”

“The real object behind the drive for money, success or fame is self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-expression.”


-Alexander Lowen, M.D.


I’ve found reading, watching TED talks, listening to pod casts, and getting outside to be the most inspiring.  How do you build inspiration?



I am a minimalist, environmentalist, and conscious consumer with a background in environmental studies, conservation, and tech. I founded prch to help others be more sustainable and realize an alternative to consumerism.