Timelapse Reveals Human Impact on Earth

and this is just the last 32 years…

Google’s latest Timelapse imagery gives us an unnerving view from above. We all see the headlines and hear the science, but it really hits home when we can fathom the scale of our impact. Over 7 BILLION people require a lot of resources.

The overview effect was once only experienced by a select few astronauts, but modern technology is opening up this life changing phenomenon to the world. While it’s tough to see the Amazon stripped or the Aral Sea dry up, it might be the type of things we need to see in order to change our habits.

Today is a good day to start using that refillable Starbucks cup.

Today a good day to deny plastic bags at the store.

Today is a good day to change the way you think about shopping.

Today a great day to raise awareness.

Cities grow…

Da Nang, Vietnam

Chongqing, China


Lakes shrink…

The Aral Sea

Forests are cut…

Rodondia, Brazil

Copper is mined…

Chuquicamata, Chile


Nuflo De Chavez, Bolivia 

Today is a great day to raise awareness:

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